We can help you reach your target audience through a diversified network of automotive websites or we can help bring the traffic directly to your site using customized SEO and content strategies. Or, we can do both.


Reach an audience that is looking to buy with the right advertising campaign.


Let us help you communicate with your current and potential customers. From static content to press release creation and distribution, we can help.


Increase organic traffic today, tomorrow and next year with SEO strategies tailored to your industry.


Let us tell your story to an engaged audience that wants to learn more about what you can offer.

Why should we advertise with NetMedia 360?

We offer a variety of digital platforms reaching a diversified audience in North America. We can customize your advertising campaign to ensure you reach your targeted audience.

Why partner with NetMedia 360 for our SEO?

We deliverable measurable results at a cost that makes sense to your business. SEO goes far beyond just fixing tags and improving content. We will do that if needed, of course, but more importantly we will tailor your SEO strategy to your digital competition as well as your objectives. In our most recent 2020 study, our clients increased their organic traffic by 15 % over similar websites with no SEO strategy.

What can you do for us in terms of content creation?

We offer turnkey services that include article writing for your blog, static content creation and translation for your website, and press release writing and distribution. The key to being a great content creation partner is creating quality from the start. We promise you won’t have to spend hours going over and fixing the content we create. We have experts in a variety of fields that will create the content you wanted from the start.

Back to SEO, we have a small budget, how can you help?

We remember spending over $25,000 in two months 8 years ago trying to get our first website in our automotive media network to rank. It wasn’t sustainable. We are very sensitive to providing results that really help our clients. Getting on the first page isn’t worth it if that first page doesn’t give you enough revenue to offset the cost of getting there. Contact us and tell us about your budget and we promise we will find a solution that delivers value.

How do you measure results?

Regardless of what we are doing for you, we begin by understanding your objectives. Whether its SEO, content creation or advertising, we measure results based on your initial objectives and we measure throughout the process to guarantee you are not paying for services that aren’t bringing you value.

We are a dealership and need SEO help, what can you do for us?

We work with over 100 dealerships across Canada to improve their SEO every month through content creation and backlinking services. Ranking in search engines for a dealership is a challenge because there’s so much competition. We will make sure your site is optimized first and foremost and then we will customize a strategy based on your objectives. In a study conducted in 2020, our clients improved their organic traffic an average of 15 % so let’s work to get you the same results.

We are a publisher and need SEO help, what can you do for us?

It can be difficult to find SEO help when our business is publishing content every day and our competitors publish content every day. When you’re in the business of news, SEO is very tricky. We started 8 publisher websites from scratch in the most competitive SEO field their is. You can share in our experience. Let us help you get the base elements in place and then help you implement SEO strategies that are specific to publishers.

How do content creation, SEO, and content marketing differ?

Content creation is focused exclusively on communicating with your current or potential customers. Content can be published on your website, in your social media channels, in a press release or in a newsletter, for example.

Content marketing is content that promotes your business in other media by highlighting the value and features of your products and services.

SEO aims to improve your website’s position in search rankings to increase organic traffic. Now, SEO does involve content and quality is very important so your content for your blog will both communicate and improve SEO if done right. But SEO adds other components such as link building which we can do through our diversified network.

We are located in the US, can you help?

Yes. We have clients that target the United States for their advertising with our flagship platform MotorIllustrated.com. Moreover, our SEO strategies adapt to any country and any digital environment. Lastly, if you need content creation services, we will adapt our message to fit your specific audience wherever it is located.

How can you help with my content marketing

For starters, we promise that our service is pretty much turnkey. We have experts in a variety of fields that know their stuff. Regardless of your industry and product, we have experts who can talk about them like you would talk about them. In other words, the process of getting the content to your standards is simple. Next, our diversified network of media guarantees that the content will reach its desired audience.

What if I'm not in automotive, can you help?

Our process is always the same. We begin by understanding your industry, business, and objectives and then customize a strategy around these elements. We then make sure that experts in your specific field get to work on your campaign, content and/or SEO. We have worked with other industries over the years with great results.

So yes, we can help you regardless of which industry you are in.


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